Our core values.

We Foster Education

We are security professionals who are passionate about improving performance,training and education in the security industry. Having worked for the past almost 20 years in the industry I have seen both the good and bad sides of the industry. We  have worked alongside true  professionals who share our passion for the job and have learned from their experience as well as our own.

We Pursue Excellence

Our professional goal is to help to educate, advise and encourage those with an interest in the profession. The  areas of work we will cover include; door security, retail security, hotel security, event security, site security, security management and security training. We hope that through our experiences we can help others who want to professionalise our industry.


We provide security consultancy services across all sectors of the security industry. Whether you need a security review, support with security policies or assistance with a security expert witness report we can help.

Security Surveys and audits

Want to give your business a clean bill of health or identify potential security flaws in your current processes. With many years of security and business experience we know the challenges of balancing security safety and customer experience. Our security surveys will assess your business against a range of risks bespoke to your business sector. What we won’t do is lecture you on your faults or suggest over the top security measures. We understand risk and we know that to succeed every business must accept a certain level of risk. We will design a set of control measures which suit your business without overly impeding your ability to do business.

Policies, procedures and operations manuals

We can support any business with policy and procedure design or with constructing a security operations manual that fits your business. Pressure from civil liability is a real risk and an effective set of procedures laid out in a simply understood security operations manual can help you in reducing that liability. Our security operations manuals are based on a template designed for leading businesses in the entertainment, hospitality, retail, industrial and corporate sectors and provide you with peace of mind that your employees are all operating on the same page when it comes to the security of your business.

Security Companies

If you are a security provider and you require support or guidance through the PSA28:2013 standard audit we can provide a full package of policies, procedures and form templates which exceed the standards required for this audit. We have successfully assisted several companies in achieving their status as PSA licenced providers. If you are also considering becoming licenced for the events sector we have an additional package to suit the PSA:39:2014 standard.

Security providers who are already licenced and have many of the items available in our package already but require assistance in an area of the audit, we can support you with this as well.

Expert witness reports

Our consultants are experienced expert witnesses in the security sector. We have provided expert witness reports and testimony in both the Circuit and High Court in matters relating to security, false arrest and use of force situations. Our site visits use the latest in security technology to gather the evidence required to prepare a professional report for use in court. Our expert witness service can be the difference between liability and safety in court proceedings