Preventing fake defamation claims

I posted an article on social media last week about a recent defamation case in the Circuit Court. In the case a person had claimed they were defamed by a security operative in a retail store and accused of stealing. As the facts of the case emerged CCTV was produced by the defence which showed that the person had grossly exaggerated the incident and his €75k claim was dismissed.The full article can be read here The response to the article was quite positive across my security contacts. On LinkedIn in particular some people in senior management positions within the security industry spoke about the negative impact that spurious defamation claims can have on insurance premiums and on contracts. In this article I want to talk about defamation. What it is, how it happens and most importantly what organisations and individuals can do to reduce the risk.

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Selling a service in Door Supervision

I ran a course recently for door supervisors in an upmarket bar and nightclub environments focused on the service element of the door supervision sector.  I put up a slide at the beginning about the expectation of the modern customer of the modern door supervisor. I was amazed when that single slide generated almost 2 hours of conversation and some great discussion points for later on in the course. The room was filled with experienced door supervisors and we spent the next couple of hours talking about the unique type of service sold by door supervisors. Its a service like no other function in the bar and unlike any other job role in the industry. It is a service that is hard to value with money which is often to its detriment. I want to talk about that service here.

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The Future is Bright

Across my social media pages and website I get a real spread of messages and requests. I like getting the messages and questions and I’m happy to help where I can. Sometimes I can’t help and I’m the first to admit that this industry is far from perfect. There’s exploitation, unsafe practices, poor standards and little support. There are cases that are just plain wrong and some that are even illegal. On the other side there are lots and lots of people in this industry who genuinely care about and want to do the best that they can for it. I want to use this article to implore you to become one of these people.

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Event Security: Do’s, Dont’s and lessons learned

Short one this week. After the past few weeks of working and attending events I said I’d put together a little do’s and dont’s article before the season really starts. Ed Sheeran and the Rolling Stones were a great start to what promises to be a packed season. From working at and speaking to seasoned security professionals in the past week it’s apparent that there are some lessons to be learned. Some rookie errors made by those who couldn’t know any different and some made by those who should know better. For those of you new to the industry it’s worth learning now before the Irish event season breaks you (joke).

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Offensive weapons and the Security Operative

Why Crocodile Dundee couldn’t work in Ireland.

I said last week after the article on theft legislation that I would cover the topic of offensive weapons in an article as an explanation. This may not be as long as some of the normal articles as the legislation is pretty straightforward on this one. The article is written as always for information purposes but also to serve as a warning to security operatives. Many times over the years I have seen security operatives carrying equipment at work which could be deemed to be an offensive weapon and some that there is no question about.

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