Diary of a Security Consultant-Ep 1

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Goal setting, career planning and burn out

This is episode one of what I hope will be a long term video series. It’s will be part video diary, part discussion and part tutorial. I hope to produce one a week for the first few weeks until you get bored of me. It will accompany that weeks article and give a bit more detail on the topic of the week.

This weeks discussion is an introduction to the show itself and review the last year of Security Operative. We also discuss the importance of reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to 2020. The importance of goal setting and planning your development for the year ahead.

Finally we talk about burnout and the real risk of it in the security sector.

We hope you enjoy the series and we really value your feedback on it. If you would like to see certain topics covered please let us know. If you get value from the video please like the video on YouTube and share the post for us.

To download the career planning and development template click here


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