Diary of a Security Consultant Ep11

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Security industry questions and answers

Welcome back to Episode 11 of Diary of a Security Consultant. This week is a little different. The guys over on the Security Jobs Ireland Facebook page asked me to do a Questions and Answers video for their followers. So this week in addition to our usual conversation about what we have been up to and this weeks article we are also going to answer the following questions sent in:

  1. Rights of door supervisors to remove patrons
  2. Can security detain somebody for refusing to self isolate under the new emergency measures?
  3. Dealing with groups of children shoplifting
  4. Fagins law
  5. Should security operatives outside staff be issued with mask and gloves
  6. Will the new security licences have an end date of 3 months or how will it end.
  7. Do I still need a SafePass to work security in a construction site now that it is all closed down.
    I’ve done a lot of legal training and have experience in all of these areas but please don’t take this as legal advice from some guy on the internet. I don’t know you and your particular circumstances so if you have a legal issue go check with a solicitor. This my opinion only.

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