Diversity in Security Series

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Over the next couple of months I am going to be writing a series of articles and interviews on diversity in security. In these articles I want to speak to various under represented groups in the security industry and in particular in senior roles in the industry. The series will start off next month with an article on women in the security industry with some really great leaders in the security industry (who also happen to be women) already offering to help.

Over the coming months I’m going to be seeking out people from the following communities who work in the security industry who would like to have those views heard.

    Members of the LGBTQ community
    Ethnic minority communities
    People with physical or intellectual disabilities
    any other under represented group.

What it’s about

The series is about promoting inclusiveness and diversity within security. All of the research shows us that diverse workforce’s are more productive and more effective. The security industry is a diverse workforce at entry level (although its not perfectly inclusive) but at more senior levels that diversity lessens the higher you look. I want to look at the challenges facing these groups, hear their stories and speak about opportunities for the industry to promote diversity.

What’s is not about

It’s not about giving people with a chip on their shoulder a chance to rant. I want constructive dialogue.

It’s also not a platform for the few remaining Neanderthals within the industry to target those from under represented groups in the comments section.

In both cases I’m all for free speech but this is to be a positive discussion and I’m not looking for non constructive rantings.

What I’m looking for

If you know of anybody who may want to participate in the series or if you would like to participate yourself then please get in touch at info@securityoperative.ie

All it involves is a simple email interview questionnaire to share your views. You can have your participation publicised or remain anonymous.

This page has always been about making the security industry a better place. Ha I g these discussions can only help to make it that way.

Thanks in advance.


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