Episode 18: Toolbox Thinking

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Welcome to Episode 18 of Diary of a Security Consultant. The show where we talk all things security consultancy.

In this episode I talk about he subject of Toolbox thinking. Toolbox Thinking is the concept of building a professional mindset and skill set.
It based on a concept I use in training to develop mindsets and skills sets for security professionals. The professional is the crafts person, the toolbox is the mindset upon which they build their profession. The tools are the skills and knowledge contained within.

As mentioned in the video this episode was influenced by two discussions I listened to recently . Firstly was Andrew Protheroe MSc MSc MSyI CMIOSH CQP MCQI and his concept of the Grab Bag mentality which I really like and secondly Chris Story, MBA and his interview with Greg Schneider in which he talks about being a multi-tool practitioner. These are all concepts I believe security professionals should aspire to.

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