Episode 20: Building a security professionals brand

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Welcome to Episode 20 of Diary of a Security Consultant. The show where we talk all things security consultancy.

In this episode I talk about the importance of building a professional brand as a security practitioner.

Topics include:

  • 1. Know what your brand is: You are your own company. What’s your company image?
  • 2. Network: Why to build and how to build. Smartest guy in the room.
  • 3. Interaction with others. Connect not connections.
  • 4. Be consistent- image and contents
  • 5. Bring value- what do you bring to the table
  • 6. Growth – document your story
  • 7. Don’t just chase money with your brand As always feedback is welcome and encouraged

Direct YouTube link : https://youtu.be/EEqIBMpA8jM

If you would prefer to listen to the podcast version you can do so here.


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