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Event Security: Do’s, Dont’s and Lessons Learned

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Short one this week. After the past few weeks of working and attending events I said I’d put together a little do’s and dont’s article before the season really starts. Ed Sheeran and the Rolling Stones were a great start to what promises to be a packed season. From working at and speaking to seasoned security professionals in the past week it’s apparent that there are some lessons to be learned. Some rookie errors made by those who couldn’t know any different and some made by those who should know better. For those of you new to the industry it’s worth learning now before the Irish event season breaks you (joke).


1. Wear sun cream. Being sore and blistered after day 1 makes you a liabilty not an asset. It’s only May and already security operatives are walking around burned to a crisp. Working through it isn’t fun at all. Trust me I’ve been there.

2. Use Ziploc bags for any liquids in your bag or anything that might be damaged by liquids. This includes; sanitiser, suncream, toilet paper etc.(I’m going to do a video on the contents of my event bag over the weekend). Put your spare clothes in a plastic bag. I genuinely felt sorry for the poor guy who opened his bag last week to get his lunch and found it covered in suncream.

3. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Dehydration is no joke. Getting sick in a field because you have drank 4 cans of Monster a day instead of water isn’t clever. Your body and brain will thank you for it in the long run.

4. Brief your staff. Having a person wearing your company logo who doesn’t know the way to the toilet or the concert looks pretty bad.

5. Have a bit of fun but be professional. Commenting on passers by is not professional. Neither is making obscene radio calls. Having banter with your colleagues and patrons however is fine. You don’t need to act the tough guy at events so feel free to ha e a laugh (professionally).

6. Network. The industry is full of great people and companies. Talk to them and get to know them. You can learn a lot and meet new faces. Don’t stand around all quiet. We aren’t shy so speak up and talk to us.

7. Bring food. You might be lucky and get positioned next to a food truck. I doubt it though. More than likely you might be on an entrance point 1km from the food truck and you get a 20 min food break. Nowhere near enough time to go there, queue and get back. Bring food in your bag to eat. Decent quality stuff too. Dont bring chocolate or it will be a melted mess in the sun.


1.Buy brand new boots and wear them for the first time on a 17 hour day in the sun. It hurts and your feet won’t thank you. Break in your boots and buy gel insoles.

2. Give your phone to drunk patrons to call their mother/boyfriend/girlfriend. It will result in;

A. Them stealing it and running away

B. Them dropping it and breaking it.

C. You getting angry calls back at 2am from partners wanting to know who you are and what you are up to with their partner.

3. Throw people out of an event who are overly intoxicated. That’s why there are medical tents and Gardai on site. We have a duty of care to everybody regardless of how drunk they get. Plus, it’s just not nice to remove somebody out of an event to an isolated area in a vulnerable state. Call it in and be sensible.

4. Just copy what your mates do. While there are many great people in this industry there are also a selection of clowns. Just because the person beside you leaves their position, smokes on duty or swears at a patron doesn’t make it ok. Common sense applies to you even if not to them.

5. Litter. It’s disgusting and it annoys me. Especially when it’s done by security staff in uniform. No bins around is not an excuse. Bring a bin liner in your bag and put your rubbish in it and drop it at a bin when you are finished.

6. Argue with the Gardai. There’s only one winner. Even if you don’t agree with them. Call it in and let your supervisor know. Or let control know so that they can deal with it. You will lose and it looks terrible.


Most of this stuff will be normal to experienced people. We all learned it the hard way at some stage though. Hopefully this might save one or two from the hardship. There’s also complacency though and even experienced people let standards slip sometimes. We have a great summer ahead to show the public what a great industry we are and make it a success for everybody including ourselves.. Let’s take advantage of it.

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