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I had thought about releasing a book on retail security this year and was in the process of gathering together various articles I had written in the past and writing some new material

However with the current issues in the security sector I’ve decided to make it available for free as a PDF download. I’ve done this for a number of reasons

  • There are many people entering the industry right now with little or no experience and no chance to train
  • The are a high number of people from other security sectors such as events and door supervision moving into retail in the short term to make ends meet and they may not be familiar with some of the legislation in place
  • There are some security companies now moving into retail from other sector and their trainers may not be as familiar with retail security as they are in other sectors.
  • Even for experienced practitioners they might have an interest in refreshing knowledge or even pick up something new.

For all of these reasons I have put together a handbook for retail security officers. It is over 80 pages of information from previous articles and new writing combined in one handbook . Its filled with legal knowledge and practical tips for those starting off in retail security and information trainers could potentially use to support training new staff.

Download the book here

If you enjoy the book or it benefits you in some way feel free to share it or leave a review on our social media pages.

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    1. Tony O Brien Post
    1. Tony O Brien Post
  1. Hi Thank you very much for offering this useful Retail Security Hand book for free.
    I have started my security business last year so struggling to grow my business at this stage.
    I hope your resource will help me in my security business.

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