Security operative onboarding package


The security operative onboarding package contains all of the sample forms and policies to support contractors in correctly onboarding new security employees.



Welcome to this guide to onboarding your new security operatives. This guide has been designed to support new and existing security contractors in hiring and onboarding new security staff. The templates and processes contained within the guide comply with the PSA 28: 2013 and PSA 39:2014 security standards for Ireland. We advise that you do not use these templates and sample policies as you find them in this guide. Your hiring process is your own and will be individual to your company. Use the information in the following pages to guide and support you and adapt them to your needs. It is not sufficient to simply copy and paste them.

At the beginning of the document, we provide an employee file checklist for convenience. On the checklist you will see a row relating to each of the forms and checklists outlined below and contained in this document. You will also see reference to other items required for onboarding such as copies of identity documents, licences and proof of training which must be included in an employee’s file.

There are several parts to this guide. The first part of the guide supports the selection of security operatives. In this part you will find:

  • A sample recruitment policy
  • A security operative job specification
  • A security operative selection checklist
  • A sample application form
  • A sample terms and conditions of employment contract.

The second part of the document relates to the screening of new security operatives. In this section you will find:

  • A sample screening policy
  • A Form of Authority
  • A verbal screening records.
  • A written confirmation record for screening
  • A screening progress report

The third part of the document relates to the onboarding phase once an employee is ready to begin employment. In this section you will find:

  • A medical questionnaire
  • An emergency contact details form.
  • A sample code of conduct
  • A uniform and equipment declaration

The final section of the document relates to initial and ongoing training for security operatives. In this section you will find:

  • A sample training policy
  • A sample induction training record
  • A sample site training record