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PSA Query on Standards

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I recently submitted a query to the Private Security Authority with regard to individual security operatives offering their services as sole traders to companies.

I received a very prompt response from the standards department which I have put below.

No real surprises but it does provide clarification for those of you who asked.

My query

To whom it concerns

I am writing to you from the security industry resource page .We provide knowledge based articles and research  free to the Irish security industry.

I have had a query submitted on a recent security article regarding the status of sole traders under contractor licencing arrangements that I hope you are able to clarify for me.

A person who has recently come from the UK questioned how the PSA would view a sole trader who offers his/her services as a frontline security operative to a range of companies on a subcontracted basis. This is common practice in the UK and I would like some clarification on your stance on the above.

The process is as follows.

1. The individual sets up as a sole trader. Registers for tax and gains insurance.

2. The individual put him/her self out there as a security person for contract for large events or difficult projects such as new venue openings etc on a short term, ad-hoc or consultancy basis.

3. Once the  job is complete the person invoices the security contractor for services and pays income tax as a sole trader.

My query is around the status of such a person in Ireland. Is it permissible under current PSA standards to do so? Does the individual have to apply for a contractor licence and attain the PSA28:2013/39:2014 standard despite most of the criteria not applying?

Or can they simply continue to work on an individual basis with an individual licence as in the UK?

Your guidance on this is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


The Response

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your email.

If the person is operating as a Sub-Contractor / Sole Trader they must have a Contractor Licence.  If they don’t meet the Standard they cannot operate.

Individual Licence Holders can work as employees of the Contractor.

Best Wishes,

Qualifications & Standards

Private Security Authority

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