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Top 10 Christmas gifts for the Security Operative in your life.

It’s that time of year again. When I drop some serious hints about what I want from Santa and give you the chance to do the same. This article is an update to the original which I published in 2016. It’s a handy article to send onto friends and loved ones while dropping a major hint as to which gift you would like. It’s the time to show a little love and appreciation for the security operative in your life. Like most frontline roles, Christmas is the busiest time of year for the security industry. It means extra hours and extra work. While most of the country is sitting at home digesting their turkey and enjoying their Christmas parties the security industry like other frontline roles is in full swing to make sure you can do it safely.

So this year why not skip the Christmas jumper purchase or reindeer socks and  get the security operative in your life something they will really enjoy. I have compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for security operatives. I have included products across a range of prices for all budgets (and I’ ve kept everything below €100) and a list of suggested websites where you can look at the products. They aren’t ranked in any order but any would make a great present to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts

  1. Torch: Every security operative needs a good torch as part of their basic equipment but are reluctant to spend money on one. LED Lenser torches have always been my favourite. You could go to Tesco or Amazon and buy a cheaper torch than this but I don’t think you can get better value for money than a LED Lenser. Stick to something small and pocket-sized. My personal favourites are the P7.2 and F1 models . You can even get your loved one’s name engraved on the torch if you buy directly from the website. Visit:  . I have also reviewed some great new torches this year from the Nitecore brand. My favourite so far has been the MH12GT which is a really great (if a little expensive torch.
  1. Base Layers: We are just hitting the coldest of the winter weather and the security operative in your life will appreciate nothing more than some cold weather base layers for under their shirt. These base layers are brilliant for keeping in body heat on cold nights when working outdoors. There are also hot weather versions available which prevent sweating in hot environments like nightclubs. Stick to white coloured items so they can be worn under white or light coloured shirts. Visit:
  1. Boots or Gel insoles: A decent pair of comfortable boots can make your day a whole lot more comfortable. Some employers will issue safety shoes to employees as part of the uniform but these are usually bought with cost and not comfort in mind. A decent comfortable pair of safety shoes can be a great present. If your budget doesn’t stretch far enough for a new pair of boots, then maybe a pair of gel insoles. These are cheap but effective way to keep your feet from blistering on long shifts. As far as regular boots are concerned I have always preferred the Magnum  brand but for a good quality and value safety shoe brand I always liked Weddell Safety Boots

    for those who work in places where they are needed.

  2.  Coffee Mug: For something cheap and cheerful a coffee mug is a great stocking filler. It is a well-known fact among security operatives that the entire security industry runs smoothly on large volumes of tea and coffee. The turning on of the kettle is an important task in any security operation and can only be trusted to the most experienced of staff. Seriously though, you will earn massive brownie points with your security operative if he/she wakes up at Christmas to a steaming hot cup of tea/coffee in a security guard mug. See for great designs
  1. Notebook: A good quality notebook is an essential piece of a security operative’s equipment and a good quality notebook is hard to find. These are another great stocking filler. Finding a nice notebook that won’t disintegrate with wear and tear will make a security operatives day so much easier. I have always loved Moleskine notebooks. They are quite expensive for a notebook but you get what you pay for and they last. If you can’t stretch to a Moleskin notebook then get a regular notebook and a nice notebook cover from Amazon. Buy the notebook cover here. Buy Moleskin from Amazon at: Moleskine Pocket Notebook . As a cheaper alternative to these the guys at Aftermath security (a great Irish supplier of security equipment also do a multi deal offer on basic security notebooks. You can get them from their Facebook page here
  2. Multi- Tool: Security operatives love their gadgets and none more so than a good multi-tool. While I don’t advise security operatives to carry these on their belts (due to the presence of a knife blade on most designs) I do always advise them to have one kept in their work bag or left on site. I have lost count of the amount of times I have used one of these to fix a broken lock, cut a sign down or fix a camera mount. They are also handy around the house. The best quality tools on the market come from Leatherman and they usually have a product for every price range. Check out their range from their Irish stockist at
  3. Gloves: Like the base layer above a decent pair of gloves can make a big difference on a cold day or night. It’s hard to get a good pair that are warm, comfortable and still allow you to a certain amount of dexterity to use things like a patrol device or check an ID. Trying to check an ID or type a report with frozen fingers is never a pleasant experience and the security operative in your life will thank you for a decent pair of gloves. These fit all of the above criteria Security Gloves and even have security written across the back in case they forget what their job is. Note: Please don’t buy the riot style gloves with the hardened knuckles for your loved ones in the security industry unless you want them to be laughed at by their friends.
  4. Watch: The old reliable. In this age of technology, a lot of people will ask why do we still need a watch when we have a phone that tells the time perfectly well. Firstly, because security shifts are generally between 6 and 12 hours long and most smart phone batteries aren’t. Secondly because a lot of venues don’t allow security operatives to have their phone on site and continually checking your phone doesn’t look professional. A good quality durable watch is a great present for any security operative. A good starting point is always the Casio G Shock
  5. Earpiece:  Every security operaitve securetly wants to look like they in the CIA with a cool earpiece and dark sunglasses (even in the winter). A good earpiece gets them halfway there. There a range of really expensive options avaialble online but as always I like to support local security businesses where possible. The guys at DWM Security Supplies and Aftermath Communications  both do a good range of earpieces and can usually source the type of fitting you need.
  6. The Nightclub Security Manual: I may be slightly biased on this one but I still think it would make a great present for people working in the industry. Feedback from people who have read it has been great and most have learned something new from it regardless of experience. I’ve even reduced the price of it on Amazon for the Christmas period from next week. You can buy the book on Amazon here: Nightclub Security Manual

So, you could still go down the route of the Christmas jumper or the deodorant gift set and I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated but if you really want to make a security operative happy think about some of the ideas above. For all the security operatives, there is still time. Share this list to all of your family and friends and do some serious hint dropping before it’s too late and you’re buried under a mountain of Rudolph socks and Santa Jumpers.

Happy Shopping !!!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by nor have I received any financial reward from any the companies above apart from the royalties from my own book. All the recommendations are based on my own personal experiences of these products.

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  1. Nice list Tony

    I use a p7 led lenser myself great flashlight and I highly recommend picking up kit throughout the year so you are prepared for the elements

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