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Security Operative Skills: Discretion and Tact

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The soft skills of the security operative.

I posted this video on our Yourubw channel last week about the value of discretion and tact in security professionals

My opinion has always been clear on this. The soft skills make the professional. Hard skills such as radio communications, first aid and physical skills can be taught and retained relatively quickly. Discretion and tact unfortunately cannot be taught as quickly. Developing soft skills requires a correct mindset, a willingness to learn and a lot of humility. Walking around thinking you’re an expert and showing off your hard skills and flashy techniques generates conflict and increases risk to you, your colleagues and the public.

The ability to quietly calmly and professionally deal with incidents is what sets the true professionals apart from their peers.

You can make a living or you can earn a living in this industry as I say in the video. How you choose to do it says a lot about you as a professional security operative.​ If you are currently starting off in the industry whether it is on the doors, retail, static or event sectors and you have aspirations to develop your career then dont forget this message. Your hard skills get you through the basics but your soft skills such as discretion and tact show your true value.

Become the quiet professional and let the lack of incidents speak to your performance. I can guarantee you that this will get you noticed in the industry quicker than any flashy skills display.

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