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Having the Medical Basics in your pocket

For those of you who have asked about the 80 cent medical kit I mentioned in the Security Operative Basic Kit article and in the Facebook competition here is a quick video.

The context behind this kit is having the basics at hand when you need them . Obviously, I would like to be in a position to carry a small first aid kit on my belt at events etc. but if I’m working in retail, in a club or a corporate setting this isn’t feasible.

This kit isn’t a replacement for a first aid kit (or even close to it) but it gives me the basics to deal with the very basic and the very serious quite quickly and it fits in my pocket.


  1. Plasters : A couple of waterproof plasters. I’ve always carried a couple of plain, a couple of visible blue and a couple of kids character. Dependent on the situation any of the above can be handed out on the spot to a customer or colleague without leaving your position or raiding a first aid box. I found the kids version a great ice breaker at minor accidents for kids and drunk adults alike.
  2. Anti- septic wipes : As above. Perfect to wipe a small cut or graze on yourself and to hand out with a plaster to customer and colleagues.
  3. 2x pairs of nitrile gloves. I prefer the blue nitrile medical gloves both because of latex allergies and also because they make first aid treatment look more obvious to bystanders when  worn. I keep 2 pairs to either double glove of dealing with a lot of body fluid or to replace a set once used.
  4. Gauze pressure dressing: For the more serious bleeding injuries that occur having this immediate response can be invaluable. The ability to put on gloves and immediately apply pressure to serious bleeding while waiting on a first aid response can potentially save a life. Seconds can be critical with serious bleeding and having a pressure dressing to hand can save this time.

The Name

A lot of people ask me about the name 80 cent kit and where it comes from. Basically I used to spend €8.00 on the contents to make 10 kits at a time so I called it the 80 cent kit. If your talking about convincing somebody of value for money then would you spend 80 cent to have basic time and potentially life saving bits in your pocket.

More pieces

Some people have suggested having more pieces in the kit but the important thing for me is having it in my pocket and that dictates the size and content. I did used to also keep a CPR mask in here but current PHECC guidelines are suggesting that air breaths are no longer required in CPR so I dropped it in favour of the second pair of gloves and chest compressions.

While this kit works for me right now I know that are many more knowledgeable people than me in this field out there. If any of them are reading this or indeed anybody with any feedback please leave a comment or a suggestion.


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