PSA28:2013 The Security Company standard – Part 1

Quality in ownership, finance and staffing

This is going to be a two-part article on the current Irish security quality standard for the Guarding Services and Door Supervision sector. In this article I’ll talk about some of the criteria for ownership of a security company and some of the issues around selection and screening. Next weeks article will  go into training and operations. 

In 2013 the Private Security Authority replaced the old IS 999:2001 Guarding Services with their own newly designed and updated standard for contractors. The PSA 28:2013 quality standard was designed to meet the needs of the industry by regulating companies in the Door and Guarding sectors. While there are over 20,000 people employed and working for contract security companies around Ireland not many of them know of the standard under which they operate. The standard and meeting its requirements tends to be reserved for management and administration staff. In this article I want to shed a little light for the frontline staff on what the standard entails and what is supposed to be in place with every company who has achieved it.

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Security Control Rooms -Part 2

Control room layout and equipment

In last weeks article I talked about the functions and principles of control rooms and how I like them to operate. In this weeks article I’ll go a little more practical and I’ll talk about the actual equipment I like to have. I’ll also talk about  different pieces of technology that I use when setting up a temporary control room but which really could be applied to any control room.

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Security Control Rooms

Part 1 – Control Room Principles and practice

Whenever we think about running a successful security function a key element of the task is always command and control. If we get the command and control functions operating smoothly then the security functions usually follows suit. One of the key elements of a successful command and control function is the security control room. Over the next two articles I want to discuss this important element of the security team and talk about some good and bad practices.

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The Security Operative 2017 Review

Thank you all for an amazing 2017

On 27th December 2016 I sat at home and bought the domain name . I had a WordPress blog that I had been messing with for a couple of months before that and had put some articles out on my personal Facebook and LinkedIn which had gone quite well. I sat there with my new domain name and a YouTube tutorial on how to build a website for the next 2 days and built the site that you are now reading this on. The site launched on New Year’s Day 2017 and the Facebook page was published in mid January. The results have been staggering and I’ll list them below but they aren’t the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is to give a massive thank you to all of YOU in this industry who have read, engaged and shared the message in 2017. It means a lot to me and shows that there is huge hope for this industry. I also want to tell you a little about what’s coming in 2018.

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Getting Work in the Security industry

Getting the “good”  jobs in the security industry

The security industry right now is in a strange position. There are more licences in circulation than there are security roles yet there is still a shortage of staff in the industry. The problem isn’t quantity for employers it’s quality. Hiring a person is easy, hiring the right person is something else entirely. We could argue all day long about employers paying low wages and poor conditions etc but let’s face it moaning about it on here isn’t going to change that. It also brushes over the fact that there are good employers both in-house and contract out there who do treat employees well and have great teams working for them. This article not about employers though. It’s about employees and how you can go about getting “good” work in the industry. I’ve been on both sides of that equation so here’s my views on the subjec

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