Getting Work in the Security industry

Getting the “good”  jobs in the security industry

The security industry right now is in a strange position. There are more licences in circulation than there are security roles yet there is still a shortage of staff in the industry. The problem isn’t quantity for employers it’s quality. Hiring a person is easy, hiring the right person is something else entirely. We could argue all day long about employers paying low wages and poor conditions etc but let’s face it moaning about it on here isn’t going to change that. It also brushes over the fact that there are good employers both in-house and contract out there who do treat employees well and have great teams working for them. This article not about employers though. It’s about employees and how you can go about getting “good” work in the industry. I’ve been on both sides of that equation so here’s my views on the subjec

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Security Notebooks: A data goldmine

Security Operatives notebook as a privacy risk

This week is a bit of an eye opener for many people. For decades security operatives have carried and used notebooks as a staple part of their equipment. I myself still use one and strongly believe in them as an excellent tool. In fact I published a blog and short video on the subject recently. However we must also recognise that times change and we need to be constantly adapting to ensure we are complying with not only new legislation but the demands society place on us as service providers. Data and privacy are now the most valuable commodity that people possess and one which security operatives must guard for the public with as much care as they would products, property or persons in their care. Recently I wrote to the data protection commissioner with a number of queries about the data we collect in our notebooks. The answers are detailed below and throw up some serious questions for security operatives and for employers. It doesn’t mean the end of the security notebook but it does mean we need some more security around the data we collect in them.

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Security Fundamentals: Patrolling

Getting the basics of patrolling right

Going back to the real fundamentals of the security industry this week with an article about patrolling. While it might seem like a basic topic it’s one that’s often not performed correctly. A lot of people in the security industry assume that patrolling applies only to the static or manned guarding area of the industry. In truth you will carry out some form of patrol in almost all sectors. If you are in a shopping centre, nightclub, factory or construction site  you will physically patrol and even from a control room you will use CCTV to patrol . Whether a walking, driving or using technology to carry out a patrol the key thing to remember is that quality counts just as much as quantity.

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Stress in the Security Sector

Self care in a high stress security sector

For this weeks article I want to discuss an area that we can all suffer from but don’t like to admit it. It’s something that has just been accepted as a fact of life in the industry but which has led to more incidents, accidents, job losses and resignations than any other factor I’ve come across. It’s ever present and driven by the environment we work in. We are surrounded by risk factors contributing to its development, actively resisting measures to manage it and we brush off its effects as a bad day, bad week or bad job. In reality we suffer on without realising the impact this hidden issue has on our skills, our mood, our health and our relationships inside and outside of work.

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