The Security Operative 2017 Review

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Thank you all for an amazing 2017 On 27th December 2016 I sat at home and bought the domain name . I had a WordPress blog that I had been messing with for a couple of months before that and had put some articles out on my personal Facebook and LinkedIn which had gone quite well. I sat there with …

Getting Work in the Security industry

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Getting the “good”  jobs in the security industry The security industry right now is in a strange position. There are more licences in circulation than there are security roles yet there is still a shortage of staff in the industry. The problem isn’t quantity for employers it’s quality. Hiring a person is easy, hiring the right person is something else …

Be a Gateway not a Barrier

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This is a much shorter piece than usual and is a written explanation of the video from our Youtube channel below. The discussion is around the actual role of security in a location and some of the false perceptions that exist. These false perceptions come from both inside and outside of the industry.

Security Notebooks: A data goldmine

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Security Operatives notebook as a privacy risk This week is a bit of an eye opener for many people. For decades security operatives have carried and used notebooks as a staple part of their equipment. I myself still use one and strongly believe in them as an excellent tool. In fact I published a blog and short video on the …

Security Fundamentals: Patrolling

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Getting the basics of patrolling right Going back to the real fundamentals of the security industry this week with an article about patrolling. While it might seem like a basic topic it’s one that’s often not performed correctly. A lot of people in the security industry assume that patrolling applies only to the static or manned guarding area of the …