Principles of Effective Security

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Last week I printed a photo online of my ‘ 5 Principles of Effective Security’. It received a huge amount of feedback online and in private (including the few who spotted my grammar mistakes in the text). I printed it following a conversation with a fellow security professional where I was talking about principle based training. I mentioned my 5 …

PSA28:2103 Part 3- Training and Operations

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This is the final part of the 3 article series on the PSA28:2013 standard for the Irish security industry. Last weeks article on the management of threats and violence by security employers received a lot of feedback on what companies were doing well and what they weren’t doing so well. I suspect this article will be the same. This week …

PSA28:2013 Part 2: Managing Threats and Violence

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Last week we started off talking about the contents of the PSA 28:2013 standard for the security industry. It was supposed to be a two-part article concluding this week and with a look at the training and operations area of the sector. However there is a subject which should have been covered in last weeks section that I think needs …

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PSA Query on Standards

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I recently submitted a query to the Private Security Authority with regard to individual security operatives offering their services as sole traders to companies. I received a very prompt response from the standards department which I have put below. No real surprises but it does provide clarification for those of you who asked.

PSA28:2013 The Security Company standard – Part 1

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Quality in ownership, finance and staffing This is going to be a two-part article on the current Irish security quality standard for the Guarding Services and Door Supervision sector. In this article I’ll talk about some of the criteria for ownership of a security company and some of the issues around selection and screening. Next weeks article will  go into …