Hotel Security – Delivering a 5 Star Service

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The hospitality industry right now is booming. Hotels are busy again and it is great to see. Busy hotels mean lots of visitors, which means busy retail stores, bars and restaurants. This means more work is generated across the economy in numerous sectors including the security industry. This increase in business also brings with it an increase in risk in …

Security Guard on Duty

Security Control Rooms -Part 2

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Control room layout and equipment In last weeks article I talked about the functions and principles of control rooms and how I like them to operate. In this weeks article I’ll go a little more practical and I’ll talk about the actual equipment I like to have. I’ll also talk about  different pieces of technology that I use when setting …

Security Surveillance

Security Control Rooms

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Part 1 – Control Room Principles and practice Whenever we think about running a successful security function a key element of the task is always command and control. If we get the command and control functions operating smoothly then the security functions usually follows suit. One of the key elements of a successful command and control function is the security …