The Training Audit Trail

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This article is mainly aimed towards managers responsible for training within organisations but there are lessons to be learned for everybody in here.I deliver training all over the country to a huge diversity of sectors and people. I deliver long courses, short courses and online courses. The organisations I work with range from small businesses to large multi nationals and …

A Christmas Reminder for the Security Industry

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Look after each other A little bit off topic this week but probably the most important message of all. There’s a chain message going around social media at the moment about recognising that Christmas can be a hard time for people and to make sure we ask people if they are ok. That’s what I want to talk about here. …

Security Operative’s 80c Medical Kit

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Having the Medical Basics in your pocket For those of you who have asked about the 80 cent medical kit I mentioned in the Security Operative Basic Kit article and in the Facebook competition here is a quick video.

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Security Operatives

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My Top 10 apps for Security Professionals Continuing on the theme of planning for emergencies in this weeks article I would like to look at the use of mobile phone applications in emergency preparation and in general security operations. I am a big fan of leveraging new technologies to make our jobs easier and enhance our ability to maintain a …

Emergency response kit

Emergency Response Bag- Creating your lifesaver kit

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Since the atrocities of the London and Manchester attacks earlier this year and the following Barcelona attacks there has been a renewed focus on the role of the private security and our capability to act as ‘zero responders’ in the event of further incidents. Despite the superb response times of police and other first responders in these recent attacks there …