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Event Security – Thinking of Working Events ?

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I’ve worked in many sectors of the security industry over the years but i can honestly say that working events is by far the most enjoyable experience I have had. There is something about the buzz, the enjoyment, the scale of things and the teamwork that is hard to explain but makes for a really memorable experience. For many security operatives, …

Security Guard on Duty

Security Control Rooms -Part 2

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Control room layout and equipment In last weeks article I talked about the functions and principles of control rooms and how I like them to operate. In this weeks article I’ll go a little more practical and I’ll talk about the actual equipment I like to have. I’ll also talk about  different pieces of technology that I use when setting …

The Security industry is not the Olympics

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Fair fights are for the Olympics not the security profession This week is going to be a bit of a departure from normal. There are two things that I don’t usually do in these articles. The first is to go on a rant and the second is to comment on individual incidents. In this article I’m going to do both …

Security Operative: Questions and Answers

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Your security questions answered Something a little different this week. This week I’m doing a bit of a rapid fire question and answer session in response to some of the questions received over the past week or so via Facebook and email. There’s also a video version of it to be added to YouTube later if you’re  too busy to …

Security Operative’s 80c Medical Kit

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Having the Medical Basics in your pocket For those of you who have asked about the 80 cent medical kit I mentioned in the Security Operative Basic Kit article and in the Facebook competition here is a quick video.