Top 10 Mobile Apps for Security Operatives

My Top 10 apps for Security Professionals

Continuing on the theme of planning for emergencies in this weeks article I would like to look at the use of mobile phone applications in emergency preparation and in general security operations. I am a big fan of leveraging new technologies to make our jobs easier and enhance our ability to maintain a secure environment. The use of mobile phone technology has been huge in the past number of years and those little devices in our hands have become one the primary tools in the security departments across a variety of sectors.

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Planning for emergencies

Following on from the previous two articles around risk assessment and preparing an emergency response kit I want to continue on a similar theme in this article. In this weeks rant I want to talk a little about planning and preparing for emergencies. Far too often we see security teams first piece of emergency planning happen in the midst of a real emergency and when those plans crumble there is no plan B. I want to discuss the 3 elements of emergency planning which I believe are :

* Mindset
* Procedures and training
* Equipment

They are all important but I believe that they fall in that order of importance.

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Risk Asessment: Its a life skill

Continuing on the theme of dealing with emergency or crisis situations I want to talk in this article about risk assessment. I’m not here to give the standard lecture on how to write a risk assessment and the hierarchy of control and so forth. In fact I’m going to argue in the opposite direction. I’m going to argue that the paper based risk assessment template that we all know and love (sarcasm) is possibly the worst thing to happen to risk management in history. Right now I can see Health and Safety consultants printing and burning this article as blasphemy but I stand by those remarks. The way we teach and train risk assessment in the security industry is all based on that static, unmoving and restrictive piece of paper. Risk in itself is none of those things. It’s fluid and dynamic and constantly evolving and that is the way we should approach it, teach it and manage it.

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