Getting injured at work

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The prospect of getting injured at work is a reality for many in the security industry. I get at least 1 query a week from security staff who have been hurt while at work. Many will immediately think of assaults but the reality is that these are only a portion of the injuries suffered. Many are injured in manual handling …

Searching Part 2

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Effective search procedures This week follows on from last weeks article on the safety and legal aspects of searching. In  this second part we are going to talk about the more practical aspects of searching. Last week was really well received and the accompanying documents that I offered to people have been requested in 4 countries so far. Its great …


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A short note as we head into the weekend on a topic that I spend a lot of time trying to explain in a simple way. What is security? To define what security is firstly, it’s important to explain what it isn’t.   Security is not a system, procedure, person, place or piece of equipment. All of these are important …

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Security Operative basics: Setting the standard

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Short rant crossed with a basic message this week. Is it just me or have standards dropped in the security industry in the last few years. I’m not talking about the standard of person entering the industry or standards of work conditions. I’m talking about the standards of how we look, act and behave while on duty. Maybe its just …

Event Security

Event Security – Thinking of Working Events ?

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I’ve worked in many sectors of the security industry over the years but i can honestly say that working events is by far the most enjoyable experience I have had. There is something about the buzz, the enjoyment, the scale of things and the teamwork that is hard to explain but makes for a really memorable experience. For many security operatives, …