Security Licencing Training in Ireland

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Baby steps into a big boy’s world Security licencing training has been in effect now for 10 years in Ireland and I have wanted to write this article on the subject for quite a while but the timing and other subjects kind of got in the way. A conversation this week with a manager in a premises tipped me over …

My little accident kit

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A topic came up on one of my social media feeds this week about operational equipment I was preparing for a small project. Somebody asked privately about what I keep in the little tin in the middle of my photo. I told them it was an accident kit and the reply I got was ????. Followed by what’s in an …

Supervisor on Duty

Showing Value in Security

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One of the struggles that the security industry has always endured has been its inability to show the true value of the service it provides. The professionals working within the industry know what we do but that message has always been difficult to communicate to clients and employers. In this article I would like to take a look at the …