Hotel Security – Delivering a 5 Star Service

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The hospitality industry right now is booming. Hotels are busy again and it is great to see. Busy hotels mean lots of visitors, which means busy retail stores, bars and restaurants. This means more work is generated across the economy in numerous sectors including the security industry. This increase in business also brings with it an increase in risk in …

Security Notebooks: A data goldmine

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Security Operatives notebook as a privacy risk This week is a bit of an eye opener for many people. For decades security operatives have carried and used notebooks as a staple part of their equipment. I myself still use one and strongly believe in them as an excellent tool. In fact I published a blog and short video on the …

Supervisor on Duty

Planning for emergencies

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Following on from the previous two articles around risk assessment and preparing an emergency response kit I want to continue on a similar theme in this article. In this weeks rant I want to talk a little about planning and preparing for emergencies. Far too often we see security teams first piece of emergency planning happen in the midst of …