The Security Operative 2018 Review

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As I sit here on the 31st of December thinking about the year that has passed I can only be happy with how things have gone. It has been an amazing year for the website and for the business in general. I got to work at some amazing events, some great consultancy cases and the website has gone from strength to strength. Of course none of this would have been possible without you guys reading and contributing to everything I do and spreading the word around the industry. This review is partly my way of looking back at the year and partly my way of saying thank you to all of you for your help and support.

The website

In April of 2018 I got some money together and put it into a revamp f the website. The original site had been built form scratch by me on the advice of a YouTube video and pure good luck. This years version was professionally designed and I think looks amazing. It has already shown a return on investment in terms of increased users and has made my consultancy business so much better. This is due in part to increased exposure but also to the custom members area which allows my clients to independently access their projects and documents as they require.

Social Media

The social media activity this year has been amazing thanks to all of you. The Facebook and Twitter account have doubled in followers and just last week the website passed the 25,000 unique readers mark for the year (that was before last weeks article exploded online). For a small blog page in a niche market I think that’s pretty good and it’s shows that there are enough of you out there with a genuine interest in the industry. We also managed to raise over €650 for charity when I ran the marathon to raise funds for Pieta House

Nightclub Security Manual

This was not a thing I ever expected to see happening. I wrote and published my first book in 2018. The Nightclub Security Manual has been a great success in terms of sales and feedback. It’s something I always had in the back of my head to do over the years but never thought it would be a reality. It’s something I would have loved to have has at my disposal when I was a young door supervisor trying to figure things out. Part policy guide and part information for door staff the feedback was amazing. So many emails and messages have come through from people and venues who have bought the book and used it to train their staff or improve their procedures. That was the whole idea. A cost effective solution to a problem lots of venues have. The expertise to write security policies without paying through the nose for it.

Most successful articles

I’ve had a lot of well received articles over the past year. The best however was kept until last. In the last week of the year I published an article called ‘Protect Yourself at all times‘ about why I think security staff need to stand up for themselves and begin to protect themselves before, during and after incidents and stop being held out as scapegoats. To say it was popular is an understatement. It’s gotten thousands of views in a week and has been shared in 18 countries so far. Again it shows that there are security professionals worldwide in the same situation who are keen to make things better.

Operations and events

This year saw some great events come to Ireland and I got to work at many of them. I always love events (must be the long days and walking for hours) and this year for most of the big ones the weather made it so much better. Apart of course from the biggest of them all when there was a downpour. I get to meet new people in the industry and work alongside people I have trained (some were more successful than others). I worked more close protection gigs than any other year and worked on 13 court cases of which the vast majority where successful. All that on top of a full time training job. It’s been a very successful year and at times that has led to me neglecting the website a little especially at the end of the year. I did stick to my promise from last year however and I still put out 52 articles this year (1 every week in the year). I met some great new colleagues both here and abroad and I hope to work closely with them into the future

Other publications

Once again this year I was honoured to be asked to submit work to a number of international publications and be interviewed on an international podcast. At home Risk Manager were kind enough to publish some of my articles (thank you to Ann and the team) . In the UK I was asked early in the year by Dr Alison Wakefield (Chairperson of the Security Institute) to submit a piece for her regular article in Risk UK. Later in the year I was asked by the publishers of an amazing new security publication in the UK called The Professional Security Officer magazine to submit a piece for their very first edition. If you aren’t following this magazine you are missing out. Mike and Rollo are doing an amazing job and I can’t wait for edition 2 in January (I’ve a piece in there too). I also managed to get myself invited on for the third time onto the Tao of the Velvet Rope podcast in the United States where we had a great talk about door supervision on both sides of the Atlantic

Bigger and better in 2019

I have set myself some really ambitious things to do in 2019. You will see some major updates to the website and the page. I will continue to put out an article every single week and will always be available to answer questions or concerns anybody might have. I am going to reawaken a plan I had last year to shoot a series of instructional videos for security operatives with a professional film crew.  My second book on retail security is almost ready to launch. I am also going to try to raise awareness on a lot of the issues affecting the security industry on a national scale. I’m quite proud of this page and what it has achieved and most of that is down to the contributions of all of you out there so once again thank you. As always if I can be of any help in 2019 please feel free to get in touch.

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