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Top 10 Security Operative Articles

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The most popular security operative articles from the beginning

A couple of milestones have been reached today. Firstly I got a WordPress notification this morning to tell me that the security operative blog has just had a reader. It doesn’t normally do this but this new reader happened to be number 30,000. That is 30,000 unique readers of the 81 articles I have published in the past 17 months. This milestone was both a surprise to me and something which I’m very proud of. It also happened to coincide with a big development this week. In the next couple of days the brand new website launches. This website is one I have built myself from scratch (with the assistance of Youtube) and last month I finally got sense and got a professional to do a proper re-design of the layout. The new site has all of the same content it just looks and works so much better.

These two things got me thinking about the success of the website and the amount of people it has helped and people I have met and connected with because of it. There have been some of you here from the very first article and others who are new. As I look back on the 81  articles and the number of people who have read them. Some have had amazing responses with thousands of reads and others have completely bombed (including one about students which got a grand total of 50 readers).

In this article I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and list the top 10 most popular articles and what led to them. Feel free to comment and let me know If there are any you liked which aren’t in here.

1 Security training in Ireland

This article is our most read one ever. It continues on a weekly basis to be read even though its not pushed on social media. People just seem to find it. In this article I wanted to get across the point that security licencing training doesn’t make you a security professional . It simply entitles you to enter the industry at the very lowest level. To become a professional you have to train, learn and develop your skills from this very basic level. Read the article here 

2. The Role of the Modern Door Supervisor

My very first article and still my favourite. It was the misconception and poor impression of door supervisors and others within the security industry that prompted me to start this website in the first place. This article was written before the website and the Facebook page and was first published on an old WordPress blog I had. I think if I included the readers on that blog this one would have been number one on this list.  Read the article here

3. The Security Industry ERO

When the 2017 ERO was published I was one of the first to write about it and explain to the industry what was included. This article generated a serious amount of feedback and questions and I remember being up until 02:00 one morning trying to answer all of the comments and emails I got about it. Every now and again there is still the odd question emailed in regarding this as people search for their rights online Read the full article here

4 Security Operatives Legal Powers

It still surprises me how many people (and not just new people) are in this industry who dont know their legal powers and what they can and cannot do. I wrote this article as an overview of the powers  a security operative has and most importantly has not. Some of the comments and questions from this article led to a series of other articles on various legal topics. It was read by a large number of people but still to this day I see and hear the same mistakes. Read the full article here

5 Body worn CCTV

I really like body worn cameras. I think they are a great tool and they should be used more in the security industry. They also have some real privacy risks with them. That’s not to say that these risks cannot be overcome but its important to note them. Data protection and the new GDPR regulations. From this article I launched my first product for sale. The data privacy impact assessment sold almost 100 copies and went to pay for the revamp to the website among other things. Read the full article here

Body worn CCTV camera for security

6 Top 10 mobile applications for security

I’m a big fan of using technology to make our jobs easier as security operatives. This article has been a huge hit particularly on LinkedIn and even when I republished it last week it received over 400 new views. Mobile technology can be a huge asset to security. In this article I listed my 10 favourites and why I use them. Its due an update in the nest few weeks but you can read the original here

7 Staff welfare in Security

One of the biggest issues I see in the security industry is a lack of staff welfare. The feedback in this article only re-enforced that belief. In this article the focus was on security staff being asked to use personal cars as welfare facilities on site. I approached the HSA and motor insurers for their opinion and printed their feedback. It got some comments about silly conditions that people were working in and highlighted the culture of fear some staff were working in . Read the full article here

8 Event Security Do’s and Dont’s

Event security seems to be a popular subject on the blog. I think its because it attracts so many new people to the industry who dont know what to expect. This article came in at number 8 which is surprising because its only ever been published once and its only 3 months old so far. The other article I wrote last year on preparing to work events also finished number 11 on the list. In the do’s and don’t article I highlighted some of the recent mistakes that I had seen at events and tried to offer some advice to those just starting off in their first few events. Read the article here

9 Security Operative standards

This article was only released very recently and was one that generated a lot of comments particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn about how appropriate it was. It was a bit of a rant on how I see the standard of dress and appearance going downhill lately in the security sector. Many people agreed but others felt I was old fashioned and should move with the times. If wearing runners with a uniform is moving with the times then I’ll stay where I am thanks. You  can read the full article here

10  Security Operative Basic Equipment

For all of the gear junkies out there who asked me so many times what type of radio/earpiece/torch I use. I wrote this article. I wrote it to emphasize that equipment is important and having the right gear certainly makes your job easier but it isn’t the most important thing. Going into work looking like your off to invade a small island afterwards with all of your equipment doesn’t mean you can do your job. I keep my gear minimal and I know how to use every piece of it correctly that’s whats important. You can have a look at the stuff I carry to work here

security operatives basic equipment for security guard or door supervisor equipment


I wrote this article to look back on the successes and sometimes failures of previous articles. Mainly I wrote it to say thank you to you all. Every one of the 30,000 of you who have taken the time to read one of these articles. I hope that at some stage you have found something useful, helpful or just entertaining. As long as people continue to read them I’ll continue to write them. As always they are open to suggestion, recommendations and criticism. I hope you enjoy reading some of these older ones as much as I have enjoyed writing them.


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