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A short note as we head into the weekend on a topic that I spend a lot of time trying to explain in a simple way.

What is security?

To define what security is firstly, it’s important to explain what it isn’t.


Security is not a system, procedure, person, place or piece of equipment. All of these are important for creating security but they are not security.


Security is a feeling. It’s the feeling that develops when a person feels reasonably safe from harm or loss. That’s the feeling we in the security industry attempt to develop in those we are charged with providing security for.

You are not security. You provide a feeling of security.  You use all of the tools I listed above to instill that feeling of security in the people we are there to protect from harm or loss.

When our clients, employers, colleagues, family or friends feel safer because of what we do then we are doing our job.You should consider it both a privilege and a great responsibility to be able to provide that feeling.

That is security.

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  1. Hello, I just found this site your comment on what is security is correct, after 41 years at this game I know well what you mean.


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